meet william mayWilliam J. May is a successful Real Estate Agent in Southern California. As you might imagine, this area is the School of Hard Knocks for any Agent. It is a highly competitive market, and that why you can take what William teaches to the bank!

William just published his first book aimed at helping Real Estate Agents across the nation succeed in any market. In the Top 10 Expired Objections, you will learn how to prospect expired listings in any Real Estate market. This is the first book in a series that William is publishing.

William decided to publish this series as an answer to the questions he was receiving from viewers of his YouTube channel.

When you meet William May, you will see his passion for Real Estate and helping other Agents succeed in the business. This is his driving force. You don’t want to miss the golden nuggets he has to share.

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Have a question for William? Check out his YouTube channel, or contact him directly through this website.