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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Sell During the Holidays

You’re going to come across a lot of sellers not wanting to sell for whatever reason. If they have a strong motivation to move, it’s your job to guide them to their dreams and goals. Most likely they just have cold feet. They want to be 100% confident they’re making the right decision. Remember, this is the most expensive transaction most people make in their entire lifetime.

To ensure your success in speaking to your clients regarding selling their homes for the holidays, I’ve devised ten reasons why you should sell during the holidays. This is like a cheat sheet to counter their responses. Knowing how to overcome these objections should boost your confidence and drive you to take massive action to get in front of your clients.

In my experience these ten reasons will help you secure the listing and move forward with putting their property on the market for a successful closing.

  1. When you have your house up for sale during the holidays, we can schedule showings around your life. This way, you will not be disturbed on certain days you wish not to have your property available.
  2. 80% of new job transfers start in January of a new year. Buyers that are affected with the transfer are highly motivated to purchase now.
    Taxes are coming up at the end of each year so some people have to purchase just because of tax reasons.
    By selling your home during the holidays, you can buy your new house in………….

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