On this page, you’re going to find products and services that I use in the real world to build my referral-based Real Estate business. There is nothing on this page that I don’t use personally. Please be advised that should you choose to try out any of my recommendations, I do receive a small kickback in return for most of them (not all) which helps me continue to bring you awesome content. Thanks so much!

Prospecting, Leads, and Contact Management

recommendations from william


MojoSells.com – Mojo offers a robust lead management system along with a few other services to help you succeed in Real Estate. I love their automatic multi-line dialer. If you need to create your database, or you’re looking for a better way to manage an existing one, Mojo does it all. You can easily import your contacts and create call lists. Mojo also contains your calendar where you can schedule all the aspects of your business.


redxTheREDX.com – REDX is your go-to sources for leads. You can get Expired Listings, FSBOs, Pre-Foreclosures, and more! REDX will have to prospecting leads in no time. Get discounts with you order multiple lead sources at once.



LANDVOICE.com – LANDVOICE is yet another source for leads. They have flexible plans that allow you to choose a package or build your own. They provide leads for Expireds, FSBOs, Pre-Foreclosures, and more. They also have a dialer and robust set of tools to help you build a sound business.

All of these options are a great choice, and it really boils down to finding which one works the best for you in your business. Unfortunately, these platforms don’t run trial offers as a general rule because leads cost money, and they can’t give them out for free. I encourage you to do your own research, and ask your fellow Agents to find the best on for you. These are the types of questions you can get an answer to in my Facebook Group, Real Estate Agents That Hustle, so come on over and join the conversation.

Contactually.com – I use Contactually to manage my contacts and database. If you’ve read my latest book, Holiday Prospecting for Dollars, then you know I use Contactually as an example to help you create and maintain your own database. With their great mobile apps, I’m able to nurture my contacts on the go. I could not build a successful referral-based Real Estate business without Contactually.

Direct Mail and Printables: Cultivating Relationshipscorefact

Corefact.com – Corefact helps you keep your brand in front of your clients consistently with custom direct mail cards of all kinds. You can get home estimate cards, market updates, proof of production, property flyers, just listed, just sold, and so much more! They even have an array of marketing services to help you further your brand. This is the most cost-effective way to do direct mail that I’ve found.

send out cardsSendOutCards.com – You’ve probably read about me sending out thank cards or instructing you to send them out. You might have thought, “Where does William find all the time to not only buy cards, but also stamps, AND write message and mail so many cards to everyone?”

Boom! Here’s my secret! I just go on the Send Out Cards website, choose the card I want to send, personalize, and they do everything else. That’s right, they stuff it in an envelope, address it, stamp it, and mail all on demand. This is an absolute asset to my business and it saves me a ton of time and money.

Video Production and Syndicationbombbomb

BombBomb.com – Do you know what will get buyer’s in a house quicker than anything else? A video! The facts are there, you’re going to get much higher percentages on your open rates, conversions, and referrals by using video. That is just the reality of the day and age we live in. I use BombBomb to schedule out when I want my video sent. It’s an awesome tool that works for me when I’m doing other things.

my real estate toolsMyRealEstateTools.com – They are not lying about the “tools” part. MyRealEstateTools packs a ton of useful things into one easy place. You can develop your agent website through them, send out custom postcards, buy promotional items like the notepads I’m fond of, a contact management system…their website is packed. Use the coupon code c21william and get 30 days free and $34.95 per month for life.

LiveLeap.com – LiveLeap is a handy little app that I like to use for Open Houses to send a Facebook Live video out liveleapacross all of my Facebook Pages and Profiles. Adding a live video of a homeowners Open House to their own Timeline is priceless. I use this method to generate a ton of buyer/seller leads. You are not limited only to Facebook either. LiveLeap will notify Twitter, LinkedIn, send out an email, and shoot at test message. It’s one of those amazing tools that really gives you a leg-up on your efforts.


hostgatorWebsite Hosting

HostGator.com – HostGator provides a variety of affordable web hosting for your website. Sure, you could do a Wix site or some other free site builder, but it will be severely lacking in the features you need like the ability to target your audience with SEO. You can get started with HostGator for LESS THAN $3 a month. You just can’t beat a service that cheap for something that such an integral part of your business. Check them out today.

Miscellaneous Programs and Apps

Road Warrior Route Planner – This is a mobile app I use on my phone when I’m doing Pop By’s. If I have several people to visit in one day, I can input each address into Road Warrior Route Planner, and it automatically plans out my route starting with the location closest to me. It then syncs with the navigation on my phone, and I can easily go from place to place seamlessly. It’s a massive time-saver, and after 25 years in transportation, it’s one of the best tools I’ve seen.

LesBrownUniversity.com – Les Brown certainly doesn’t require my introduction. Les is an accomplished motivational speaker who will help you aim higher and accomplish more. Let’s be real for a minute, Real Estate can be a grind. It’s a great business, but becoming and remaining a top producer is nothing but HARD WORK. To get and stay on a level like that, you need strong motivation and the skills to keep yourself on top. Les Brown will teach you that, so I highly recommend his program.

MySelfPublishingBlueprint.com – Are you interested in putting out your own books like I’m doing? I bet you have valuable insight to share with the Real Estate Agent community. If you want to learn how to self-publish, here is your go-to course that will teach you everything from A to Z. Grab it from my good friend, Emeka Ossai.

Don’t miss out on my various other recommendations for products, books, and more to help you with your business. Check out my Superstore!