Introduction: Top 10 Expired Objections


Expired listings, easy pickings, low hanging fruit, the number one source for successful Real Estate Agents to make a living…yeah OK, I have heard it all. So you’re probably asking…

“If this is the case, why aren’t all Realtors jumping on the Expired Listing bandwagon since this is an easy source of business?”

The non-sugar-coated truth is…it’s hard work! Trying to pull the expired listing from that low hanging vine will, in most cases, break your damn back. If not your back, then your spirit. So I’ve decided to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and try to assist other Agents in working with expired listings.

When I first started in the business I was using 30-year-old scripts. It seemed like the expired listings that I called knew what I was going to say, even before I said it. Not to mention, the expired person was pissed off because I wasn’t the only Agent calling them at 8 o’clock in the morning.

I don’t know where you practice Real Estate, but I’m sure competition across the country is fierce. I practice in Los Angeles, California. It seems like everyone and their mother has a Real Estate license. Even though my market is flooded with Real Estate Agents, in my experience, most Agents do not work expired listings.

If you put forth the effort to pick up this book, that means you’re looking for something to help your Real Estate business to succeed. Let’s imagine this for a moment…you’re working with expired listings and you’re closing deals. You have the confidence of a top producer. Why? Because you are a Top Producer.

There’s no expired listing under the sun, that you cannot sell. Everyone at the office is looking up to you. You and your family can just go on vacations whenever you want. You have the house you want, the car you want, and the lifestyle you want. You have a made up your mind to succeed, and you know the only way to fail in this business is by giving up or quitting.

In the beginning of my Real Estate career, my biggest challenge working with expired listings was picking up the phone and knowing what to say. Every successful Real Estate Agent starts at zero and with that uncertainty in the beginning.

Please do not let the title of this book fool you. Yes, I’ll help you with the most common objection for expireds. But also, this book is crammed with a lot of useful information that’s designed to help fellow Agents across the country deal with the most common objections and a few tips that helped me along the way.

This will be my first book in The Real Estate Agent Success Series. It is written by an Agent that is actually in the trenches, closing deals, working with clients, and getting the job done.

There’s so many coaches and programs on the Internet, you’ll go broke purchasing them all. I was once a new Agent struggling for knowledge, scared of the business, unsure of myself, wondering what to do next. that’s exactly why I took the time to write this book. To help other Agents to succeed and to reassure them it is possible to be successful in Real Estate without taking you to the bank.

I hope this book will help you in your business and help those expired listings to finally get sold with your help. I would say “good luck”, but with a positive attitude, determination, and consistency, you won’t need it.
Go get them!

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Top 10 Expired Objections    

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